Performance reviews

Do they really add value?  Absolutely, but only if done with the utmost sincerity and by engaging in two-way conversations – save the monologue for the next Staff Meeting!

As I reflect on my own performance review I cannot help but wonder how all of you out there feel about this annual routine.  Did you feel a sense of acknowledgement?  Was there any dialogue that reinforced being valued?

Having supported Boards and Executives for the past 18 years, coupled with my MBA learnings, I believe that telling your employees they need to lift their game without giving or showing them the tools to get there, is merely a subjective abuse of power and a waste of everyone’s time. Since it’s so subjective, there is a greater emphasis for employers to demonstrate when and how their employees’ behaviour misaligned with the organisation’s values.  Organisations that are strong about values are strong about behaviour.

I believe that true leaders provide an environment where criticism is embraced in a positive light by cultivating and over-delivering AND by that I mean taking each and every employee under their wing, being open, honest and transparent about their development plans, career aspirations – investing for the long haul.

Being treated with fairness is the MOST important attribute Australian employees seek from their employers.  Be a role model by walking your talk!

Some constructive criticism for our leaders to consider over the holidays

Leaders who clearly understand that people are their competitive advantage, treat their employees the same way they treat their clients.  In other words they place their trust and livelihood in their employees.

In a time of rapid changes with globalisation and technology, leaders who are unable to sell their vision and how each employee’s contribution fits into that vision, will falter their competitive advantage.

Clarity and transparency is ever more prevalent.  As a result of social media, leaders will be held to account for their actions or lack of.  So walking their talk will become an imperative measure for their reputation to remain intact.

Disengaged employees are costing Australia billions of dollars and this is because bad leaders remained in charge of disengaged employees.  It’s time for leaders to take ‘leading’ seriously and a good starting point is Giam Swiegers!

I agree with Giam Swiegers’ (CEO of Deliotte Australia) views, namely that productivity is a reflection of leadership.  In order to retain workers, employers need to keep them engaged and passionate about their work.  By doing so, will help boost productivity and ultimately the bottom line.

Reflecting on important milestones in your life

Is a very useful process to help trigger and remind yourself of your life’s journey and just how far you have come.  For me, attending my daughter’s Year 7 graduation this morning was certainly a milestone for both of us.  As I sat there next to my sister I couldn’t help but reminisce about my own journey from primary to secondary school.  The hype of turning 13 was a challenge in itself but the uncertainty of entering high school was intimidating to say the least.

As I recalled those moments, a wave of emotions started to flood in.  The thought of a new school, new rules, new friends, new teachers, fitting in, etc.  Looking back this was both an exciting and scary milestone of my life.  Taking me back to those moments, to that fear of the unknown reminded me of the lessons I learned along my journey and how these lessons could be used in a positive way to help my daughter.  By reflecting on my milestone I quickly realise just how considerate, patient and supporting I need to be towards my daughter as she braves these emotions and enters the next chapter of her life.

Are you being too hard on yourself?

Rest assured you’re not alone!  Even though I exceeded my expectations for 2012 in terms of achieving 90% of my goals, I’m still feeling somewhat frustrated.  Why can’t I just be happy with the 90%?  Perhaps because I’m looking for that miracle, that opportunity that will change my life’s course and bring me one step closer to living the life I’ve always imagined.

We all put so much stress on ourselves without even realising that the things we did or are doing – are actually bringing us one step closer to our dreams without even realising it.  For those who are like me, just a little impatient and need to feel the success, hang in there and stay on focus of your dreams.  Rather than focusing on the 10% that didn’t happen, focus on the wonderful 90% that got ticked off the list!

Who is your worthy ideal?

We all have that certain someone or something that inspires us.  That lights a spark and invigorates our passion.  Whether it’s a person, an entity, a book or a personal experience.

For me, I was shaped into my worthy ideal as a result of my experiences having seen people and organisations fail as a result of not doing things a certain way.  These experiences have invigorated a passion to help make a difference and bring quality to people’s lives, by building their confidence in order to identify and make choices that are in alignment with their core values.

The number of stress claims against employers continues to rise, yet not a lot is changing in the workforce.  Today’s top performing employees are driven by their personal values and self worth.  Executives need to tap into this long before they identify they have a demotivated or disengaged workforce.  People die from stress – so is it really worth it?  Why do we keep going for a job that we know is in misalignment with our core values?  Why?  Because we are too afraid to step outside our comfort zone and take a risk.  Imagine a world where you could just keep searching for your worthy ideal and forget about the money.  Let the money come to you as a result of living through your values, your passion.

Find your worthy ideal in order to get that step closer to where you want to go or be who you want to be!