They say cash is king…..I say confidence is king!

Being able to speak your mind and assert yourself doesn’t happen overnight but its well worth your investment!

The amount of times I made an absolute ass out of myself as a result of speaking my mind in retrospect was priceless as each experience taught me a new lesson.  You need to put yourself on the spot and ‘experience’ in the moment – this is what confidence is all about.  Sure its not easy but unless we all wake up to the reality that we can and should challenge authority (yes even parents get it wrong sometimes) we will end up living in a society where people are allowed to mistreat and be mistreated.  If you don’t like what you hear….say something!

Regain some power and control of your life by stepping outside your comfort zone and speaking your mind!  Remember so long as its not illegal, immoral or unethical…..its open to your point of view. 



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