Corporate executives destroying peoples lives

One has to wonder what is the point of passing legislation to protect our workforce when those at the top responsible for role modelling compliance are the first ones to breach it.  I’m no stranger to how these elite players operate and the demands they place on their staff.  The number of stories I’ve heard about employees resorting to counselling in order to deal with the harsh demands from their bosses is alarmingly frightening.  Nobody should have to go home in tears or fear due to being bullied in the workforce.

Its a tough world out there no doubt but this is just unacceptable.  Organisations enticing us in with their flexible, work-life-balance pitches until you sign on the dotted line, only to realise you signed your soul to the devil. I don’t know about you all out there but I for one believe in making a difference to those who have suffered in silence (and/or continue to do so).  I am here for you, to support you, to guide you and to educate you on the power of choice, the choice to say no and a choice to stand up to corporate executives.  The bullying, manipulating and down right disrespect has got to stop!

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