How to stay calm and positive when everything around you is falling apart

That was my challenge today. As the tasks kept rolling in one by one, the blood pressure was rising and my judgmental nature kicked into overdrive!

I thought to myself well I have a couple of options here…..I could brace myself for one of my mini meltdowns….I could just say f…it! or I could change my attitude, stop being judgmental and just accept that not everything will get done.

More often than not we get overwhelmed and bombarded with tasks from our superiors and BELIEVE that their expectation is that all the tasks will get done BUT you would be surprised at the number of times the issue of accepting that it is impossible to do lies with us and not the boss.

Give yourself a break and adjust your attitude towards your own expectations to get things done.  Believe it or not the tasks will still be there for you to do tomorrow (unless you are lucky enough to delegate or negotiate a new time-frame).

To staying calm and being positive!

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