A cuppa with Lilianna

A cuppa with Lilianna

Hello to you all you beautiful bloggers out there!  Thanks to the wonderful community at Women in Focus, I am sharing with you an article about my hopes, dreams and challenges for the future.

Would equally love to hear from you about your hopes, dreams and challenges for the future.

I am positive if we unite together, we can make a difference and turn a few dreams into reality.




Fashion tip for those seeking a practical and versatile wardrobe – saving you time and money!

Imagine an outfit that transitions you from day to night without having to change a single thing?  Look no further!  Today’s fashion tip is all about being practical and versatile.  For me a big fashion no, no are uncomfortable clothes, so I tend to look for clothes that are workable and by workable I mean comfortable (but still need to look good) and be multipurpose.  It’s not often that I come across such outfits, so I wanted to share with you this awesome outfit by Seafolly (yes people beachwear) which transitions you from beach ready to café ready without any hassles whatsoever and you get to look a million bucks!


Recruitment agencies responsible for poor job placements

I have always been somewhat of a sceptic when it comes to recruitment agencies and the more stories I hear, the more convinced I am that they need a good lesson in ethics and integrity.  These agencies are supposed to be our champions for driving and upholding the highest codes of conduct, yet they continuously mislead and/or place potential candidates in volatile working environments.

It is unacceptable to lure candidates into job roles knowing they are not the right match for the role and/or the organisation.  It is my belief that recruitment agencies, along with organisations’ lack of clear and transparent job descriptions are to blame for poor job placements, which lead to an unhealthy and unproductive workforce.

So how do we resolve this issue?  By holding both recruitment agencies and organisations accountable for demonstrating not merely espousing their codes of conduct.  There is a big difference between the two.  I believe we all stand a better chance at creating a better future if we just practice what we preach!

How to deal with an unreasonable request from your boss?

Start by picturing a game of tennis or ping pong for that matter.  In order to stay in the game each side needs to keep hitting the ball with precision.  Are you still with me?  Ok good, so what’s this got to do with managing an unreasonable boss? Well everything because you need to master the art of being a comeback queen or king :).  By this I mean you need to think on your feet (test your critical thinking skills).  Sometimes it will be a slam dunk and other times it might be a strategically beneficial compromise.  Either way the ball is in your court and you need to swing back!  

Before the less confident readers start attacking me, unless you experience it, you will never believe it!  So go on have a go at defending your game by becoming an effective decision maker.  Your boss just might thank you for it and if they don’t, well at least you didn’t sit there stewing in the unreasonable request, you gave it a shot!







An attitude of gratitude

Today’s challenge was trying to stay positive despite a number of obstacles thrown my way this week.  Some were anticipated and others totally blinded me.  I went through the usual human instinct of rationalising my every move and how I could have contributed to a better outcome?  I’m a strong believer in taking risks but equally in walking away from an experience having either learned something or needing to explore something further.  It didn’t take long for me to work out that I need to forgive and let go. That I could either have an attitude of gratitude or spend the rest of my weekend rationalising an event that had now become the past!  As Tony Robbins puts it “the past does not dictate the future”.  So whilst turning a negative experience into a positive one is never an easy feast, it definitely required a lot of focus and self pep talk to get me back on track and focused on my goals.

Did you have any challenging obstacles you had to face this week?

What was your strategy for overcoming your obstacles?