An attitude of gratitude

Today’s challenge was trying to stay positive despite a number of obstacles thrown my way this week.  Some were anticipated and others totally blinded me.  I went through the usual human instinct of rationalising my every move and how I could have contributed to a better outcome?  I’m a strong believer in taking risks but equally in walking away from an experience having either learned something or needing to explore something further.  It didn’t take long for me to work out that I need to forgive and let go. That I could either have an attitude of gratitude or spend the rest of my weekend rationalising an event that had now become the past!  As Tony Robbins puts it “the past does not dictate the future”.  So whilst turning a negative experience into a positive one is never an easy feast, it definitely required a lot of focus and self pep talk to get me back on track and focused on my goals.

Did you have any challenging obstacles you had to face this week?

What was your strategy for overcoming your obstacles?

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