It might be your company policy….but hang on a second!

I wanted to share this story with you all as I was completely shocked by the customer experience at my local Bunnings Warehouse.

There I was having a wonderful time choosing my lemon and lime trees, including potting mixture to plant my citrus trees in the gorgeous pots my mother bought me a couple of days earlier.  I proceeded to the register and the cashier started counting the bags of potting mix on our trolley.  He said that would be x amount.  As he passed me the receipt I had a quick glance and noticed that I was overcharged by one bag of potting mix.  Ok its not much money and sure it may have been an honest mistake.  So I politely said to the cashier, excuse me, but you have overcharged me by $11.  To his credit the cashier apologised but didn’t know how to fix his mistake on the till.  His co-worker steps in as says to me “our new policy is that any refunds are dealt with by way of a store credit”.  We will have to issue you a store credit.

Here we go I thought to myself…..and responded with “mate, lets get our terminology right.  For starters, this is not a return, I’m not returning anything, your colleague overcharged me”!  He proceeds with…I can appreciate that but there is nothing we can do, its the new company policy.  Ok I’ll admit now I was starting to get a little irritable and said ”listen mate, since when does Bunnings dictate how I spend my money?  The cashier may have made an honest mistake but you do not punish the customer for this.  You took my money and now I want it back!  He kept going back to calling it a refund and yes I blew my fuse and said “now you are really pissing me off and here’s my policy, either you refund me the money asap or I ‘m not leaving until you do so.  No sooner did I say this a woman comes to the rescue and says to me….’the problem is that staff have not been trained to rectify over charging clients”. I politely said to the lady, well someone has certainly trained them to say the wrong thing to the customer, because they were convinced that it was store policy to treat over charging as a refund by way of a store gift card.  Either way I wasn’t going to go into the politics of it all but I did walk away with my money!

The moral of my story, look out of these so called company policies and challenge them, especially if they involve you being taken advantage of.  An honest mistake is just that, but when you know what’s happening is just not right (or even against the law), challenge it to the end!