Two greatest lessons I’ve learned as a parent and a leader

Whether you’re a child or an employee:

1. You want to be heard

2. You want to be appreciated

And that is what fairness is all about!

They say wisdom comes with age yet so many parents and leaders fail to acknowledge these two most neglected lessons. We blame it on time yet time is the one thing you cannot buy-back. So next time your child or employee wants to say something, just stop and listen, you owe them this much.

How much would you pay for a slice of confidence?

How many times has an opportunity presented itself.  Right in your face, screaming to be taken, yet you did nothing.  You walked away thinking……what the hell…why didn’t I just take a risk.  The opportunity is gone and you think your chance is gone forever.  Think again! No way.  Opportunities are everywhere, all around us.  Some present themselves and others,  well we create ourselves of course.  The question is how much would you be willing to pay for a slice of confidence?  So that next time you are armed and ready.  That confidence to put your hand up, to take a risk, to tell fear to bugger off, to have the courage to just go for it no matter what. To not hesitate, to just flippin go for it!  Well the good news is you don’t have to pay a dime, you just need to dig deep into the courageous part of you and put yourself in the moment, experience it and let the emotions do the rest.

I can, I will

Turning a dream into reality.  How does one get there?  You have a passion for doing something great…yet you just cannot visualise the end product.  So you park your dream and embrace the safety net of someone else’s dream……… This process is sooooo friggin frustrating!   You motivate yourself and then some demotivates you…but ultimately YOU are in control of your destiny, right?  At least I think so.  In order to stop my negative thinking I turned to my motivational guru Tony Robbins and the following quote jumped right at me…  “if you haven’t reached your dream…you’re just not that hungry for it”!   I’d be lying if I said this quote didn’t make me angry, but he was right.

So today I take responsibility for not being hungry enough.  Today I take charge in order to reinvigorate my hunger, my drive to do and be the best I can be.  Because I can and I will!

The question is are you hungry enough?

To keepinitreal