Can a strong business acumen be taught by teachers and/or professors?

Sure we need the academics in our world, I’m not questioning that. My question is more around whether this theory focused cohort can really teach our children how to apply years of infinite theory into practice, once they enter the workforce? Once they graduate, do our children have the confidence to truly immerse themselves into any working environment (physically, emotionally and intellectually)?

Rather than wrapping our children in cotton wool we should shift our focus on enabling our children to transition into our communities armed with more than just theory. We need to teach them how to apply all that knowledge into practice. To experiment, to have a go at being responsible for more than just completing their homework on time or acing a test.

So how does one develop a strong business mindset? That unpredictable grasp of supply and demand without some serious knowledge transfer from those who have failed and/or succeeded before us?

I am not ruling out a good education but I have certainly observed over the past 20 years that those who finish an apprenticeship are more likely to develop their interpersonal skills, problem solving skills, efficiency and customer focus as a result of being thrown into the thick of things through a practical hands on approach, rather than theorising what could, should, would or didn’t happen.

Imagine if you had an entrepreneur as your teacher/mentor to guide you and transfer that wealth of knowledge acquired as a result of either failures or successes, as both are equally important lessons.

My only squabble with schools and universities is that they teach us to do much of the same though theoretical examples of how things should be done, to blend in with the majority. Whereas entrepreneurs teach us to push the boundaries, to think differently and become unique in our own way. This attribute creates strong survival instincts that go beyond theorising. This attribute delivers results so that you can improve in real time rather than speculate based on ‘majority rules’ and/or ‘statistics’.

Schools and universities need to engage the services of successful entrepreneurs in order to truly prepare our up and coming leaders of the 21st century. To give them the confidence to make decisions regardless of success or failure.

2 thoughts on “Can a strong business acumen be taught by teachers and/or professors?

  1. You bring up good points, but can anyone be taught to be entrepreneur? Generally, inventors are leaders and fiercely independent. Even students studying business or graduating with a business degree lack that entrepreneurial spirit and only go into business because they’ve been told it’s a good way to make money.I think that natural leaders will always seek out
    their own path and in doing so provide society with something spectacular.


    • Hi there!
      Thanks so much for your comment and my answer to your question is absolutely yes! My blog was more around embedding strong business acumen amongst our up and coming leaders and how entrepreneurs could be great role models in assisting our graduates by walking their talk. One of the greatest traits of an entrepreneur is that they believe in themselves. They have sheer grit and determination to push through adversity when most would just give up. What I’m looking for is this entrepreneurial attitude to drive our up and coming leaders, by modelling the way so that they too can ooze confidence. For me a great leader opens doors for others to flourish.


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