Change management initiatives…a different perspective

Rather than focusing on why a corporate initiative flunked (which is usually the result of one (or a combination) of the following: 1. Lack of financial resources or 2. Lack of commitment/engagement to make it happen in the first place), why not shift our focus on holding Boards and/or Executives accountable for changing the language in which strategy is defined as something that the Boards and/or Executives are accountable for (by demanding regular reporting on robust strategic engagement at all levels within an organisation) as its not enough to just sign-off on budgets and strategic initiatives, then hand ball over to middle management to implement.   Boards and Executives continue to make the fatal mistake of failing to engage their worker ants…the middle management that make any change possible due to their visibility/exposure as well as interaction between the top and bottom levels of an organisation.

This lack of engagement from the onset leads to lack of empowerment, and a lack of feeling like they are part of the business. Since the strategic focus becomes the business plan it’s not just a nice to have.  Organisations need to shift the old mentality of ‘strategy is an airy fairy discussion’….let’s focus on the real job….. the day to day operations…delivering short-term results, etc.  Understanding an organisation’s business strategy is a core and vital process for all involved, in order to ensure its viability.  The language used to define it within organisations must shift, it’s not something that is delegated to Boards alone…it is everyone’s responsibility to understand it and help drive it for the long-term.

“Stop thinking about yourself and focus on helping solve someone else’s problem and you’ll make money” – Kerry Stokes

I recently read a biography on Australia’s media mogul billionaire “Kerry Stokes – A Boy from Nowhere by Andrew Rule” and the above quote from his book  (page, 118) really struck a chord.  No I lie, there were several aha moments which both intrigued and reignited my passion and determination to keep my dream of running a successful business alive.  For those who haven’t read it, I strongly recommend it. It’s a great journey of pushing through adversity, challenging the status quo, not to mention, blood, sweat and tears.  Another equally powerful quote was “I’ve never started something I haven’t finished”.  I have great admiration for what I have read and am a true believer in never giving up.  It’s great leaders like Kerry that inspire us to unlock our full potential.

The fact that he has loyal employees which have supported him for decades on end, leads me to believe that he made them feel they were part of his business, which led to 100% commitment/loyalty.

To boosting your confidence and living your dream.

Have a great week!


My confidence formula

Starts with empowerment by being clear, transparent and accountable.  In order to conquer this sort of empowerment requires authentic leadership, one of openness, directness and honesty.  Like everything else in life, confidence is a skill which is mastered in the moment, by doing/experiencing, as well as advocating what you strongly believe in.  Remember, you do not have to be an expert on the subject matter, but you do need to believe passionately and practice what you preach!

Next time you are second guessing your confidence, try my confidence formula and remember to stay true to you and always believe in what you preach to others.