Goal setting – why it’s so important

Once an idea comes to mind, the importance of goal setting is the difference between dreaming and truly believing in your vision, by following through with an action plan. As the saying goes Rome wasn’t built in a day, nor are ideas. Simply dreaming up an idea is not going to bring it to fruition. Your willingness and determination to break the idea into small achievable goals is what’s going to make you a winner. If you truly believe in your vision, then decide today to set some realistic goals into motion and turn your idea into reality.

To give you a head start try using SMART goals:

Specific: what is it that you want to achieve?

Measurable: unless you can measure it, it will be forgotten. You need to track progress in order to see how far you have come and by when you are going to achieve it.

Achievable: needs to be reasonable. You need to articulate a realistic road map to achievement. Remember to focus on meeting expectations. If along the way you exceed your expectations, that’s a bonus.

Relevant: needs to be relevant to your idea. Don’t detract from your vision, stay focused.

Time framed: you need to put a deadline on your idea, in order to ensure a disciplined approach. Goal setting is no different to a performance review, its all about planning, implementing and evaluating so as to improve next time round.

Corporate Executives…loosing grip on reality, whilst their employees reach breaking point

Having survived another gruelling week in the corporate cluster and never ending demands (some with good merit and others just dwindling the shareholder returns)….led me to a pretty harsh…. not to mention heart breaking reality, as I spoke to colleagues from different divisions, states and countries, chasing work at the wrath of unrealistic Executives. The disturbing part was that tempers were flared, and any hope of politeness was overpowered by anger and resentment, as they belted out …..”I’m literally about to have a nervous breakdown”……”I’ve been working 18 hour days”…..”I can’t do this anymore”…..”I’m burnt out”……simply heart breaking.

Their despair made me question, why are these Corporate Executives doing this to their employees? The answer came pretty quickly….because they do not live in the real world. Think about it….they live on excessive salaries, at the shareholder’s expense, get chauffeured around, stay in 5 star hotels, fly first or business class, the list goes on. How could they possibly understand the realities of the middle to low class society, whose lives are becoming tougher and tougher as they struggle to put food on the table, pay the bills and god forbid spend any (forget quality) time with their children or families?

So who gave Corporate Executives the right to play Russian roulette with people’s lives? What is it going to take to realise that unless they put the brakes on, we are going to see more and more stress claims as a result of anxiety and depression. Why isn’t our government stepping in? After all it’s in their best interest for a happy and healthy workforce without excessive sick leave claims. What’s the point of legislation, safe work practices, etc. when Corporate Executives override the law with their own laws of ‘put up and shut up’…or there’s the door. Until the next sucker comes along, burns out, and the vicious cycle repeats itself over and over again.

It’s time for employees to put matters into their own hands, rather than rely on Corporate Executives and/or our governments to save us from breaking point. We need to step in and assert some boundaries. You can say no to your boss to working crazy hours and you can say I need to leave at a reasonable hour and by reasonable I mean by 5.00pm most days. Don’t allow yourself to be at the mercy of this selfish high class, whilst you bust your gut each and every day to attain this so called perfection, through unrealistic deadlines and scarce resources, all the while feeling like you are letting them down or even worse feeling like you are a failure as a result of their unrealistic expectations to begin with.

You need to boost your confidence. By boosting your confidence to speak up, you will be better placed to find a happy medium for both parties concerned. As for our Corporate Executives, whilst I can appreciate, and trust me, most of us are pretty clear on the fact that you need to make a profit to be viable, have mercy on your workforce by being clear, transparent and accountable for your actions/inactions. You need to stop abusing and burning out your employees as it is not sustainable to keep going at a 100 miles an hour….eventually the engine will give up! There must be a balance.

Management that handballs issues…. shows lack of confidence and accountability

Front line managers that fail to MANAGE by handballing issues down the line, clearly need a lesson in accountability. The difference between taking immediate ownership (or even willingness to try) to rectify an issue and handballing to the next person, will be differentiating factor in sustaining customer loyalty in years to come.

This new wave of management that chooses to shift accountability by handballing their issue/task down the line will never truly understand superior customer service. As a customer, you are not interested in excuses, retraining or apologies, you are interested in how quickly your problem will be resolved and who will be held accountable to ensure it happens. Everything else is irrelevant.

If your organisation prides itself on superior customer service, yet its management/leadership fail to demonstrate this, you have clearly missed the mark.  It’s time to hold your management accountable.

How to show confidence and self-control

By adjusting your attitude to being proactive rather than reactive. Ok easier said than done but just because others (like our superiors) create a world of stress and chaos, doesn’t mean we have to take it all on board. Imagine the difference it would make to your own life, if you were able to control your emotions and desires, in difficult and heated situations. How confident and empowered would you feel?

As our lives become more and more chaotic and in order to shrug off the crazy demands of living and breathing amongst organisational chaos….requires a shift in attitude (from reactive to proactive). Next time you are swamped with tasks to your eye balls, try being proactive by staying positive and feeling like you are in control, by being clear about expectations (prioritising, delegating, being resourceful) and knowing you will do the best you can in the hours you were hired to them. Confidence is knowing you can and will enjoy life after 5pm!

“Having the confidence to speak up and challenge the ‘status quo’ is critical in today’s ever changing business environment”. Why? Because it ensures robust discussions are put on the table, fosters critical thinking, challenges your own thought process and most importantly, it generates momentum and gets everyone-involved. – Lilianna Kovacevic

The difference between demonstrating and merely espousing organisational values

Well apart from the obvious……actions speak louder than words. It’s pretty simple, if you are trying to get my attention as a leader within an organisation, you need to start by demonstrating, not merely espousing nice to have values, which you otherwise point your staff to on the intranet, notice board, etc.  Leaders who live and breathe an organisation’s values by demonstrating their importance truly gain my respect and trust.