Management that handballs issues…. shows lack of confidence and accountability

Front line managers that fail to MANAGE by handballing issues down the line, clearly need a lesson in accountability. The difference between taking immediate ownership (or even willingness to try) to rectify an issue and handballing to the next person, will be differentiating factor in sustaining customer loyalty in years to come.

This new wave of management that chooses to shift accountability by handballing their issue/task down the line will never truly understand superior customer service. As a customer, you are not interested in excuses, retraining or apologies, you are interested in how quickly your problem will be resolved and who will be held accountable to ensure it happens. Everything else is irrelevant.

If your organisation prides itself on superior customer service, yet its management/leadership fail to demonstrate this, you have clearly missed the mark.  It’s time to hold your management accountable.

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