Goal setting – why it’s so important

Once an idea comes to mind, the importance of goal setting is the difference between dreaming and truly believing in your vision, by following through with an action plan. As the saying goes Rome wasn’t built in a day, nor are ideas. Simply dreaming up an idea is not going to bring it to fruition. Your willingness and determination to break the idea into small achievable goals is what’s going to make you a winner. If you truly believe in your vision, then decide today to set some realistic goals into motion and turn your idea into reality.

To give you a head start try using SMART goals:

Specific: what is it that you want to achieve?

Measurable: unless you can measure it, it will be forgotten. You need to track progress in order to see how far you have come and by when you are going to achieve it.

Achievable: needs to be reasonable. You need to articulate a realistic road map to achievement. Remember to focus on meeting expectations. If along the way you exceed your expectations, that’s a bonus.

Relevant: needs to be relevant to your idea. Don’t detract from your vision, stay focused.

Time framed: you need to put a deadline on your idea, in order to ensure a disciplined approach. Goal setting is no different to a performance review, its all about planning, implementing and evaluating so as to improve next time round.

2 thoughts on “Goal setting – why it’s so important

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