What gets measured gets done….or does it really?

Certainly at an individual level, if you are passionate about the initiative/goal, yes absolutely… BUT….what if you are merely reporting to tick the box? Organisations are well known for making their staff inflate reports to appear better than they are for the sake of public perception.

A great example being the hot topic of gender diversity, having more women in senior/executive positions. Do we really need the government to mandate reporting in order for it to be taken seriously? Anything that is forced rather than engaged, is far from sustainable (productive). Informing and educating, builds a following, resulting in greater impact, through demonstrated action.

My take, if it’s an engrained habit, it’s demonstrated in all that you do and therefore does not require special attention. Informing and educating is key rather than creating all this hype around the need for more measures, to prove you are doing the right things on the surface. What really matters, is walking your talk each and every day, advocating your cause rather than showing off in an annual report.

The difference between demonstrating and merely espousing organisational values

Well apart from the obvious……actions speak louder than words. It’s pretty simple, if you are trying to get my attention as a leader within an organisation, you need to start by demonstrating, not merely espousing nice to have values, which you otherwise point your staff to on the intranet, notice board, etc.  Leaders who live and breathe an organisation’s values by demonstrating their importance truly gain my respect and trust.