Excuses are for losers

Ninety-nine percent of the failures comes from people who have the habit of making excuses. – George W. Carve

Ok harsh, but certainly fair. I can absolutely accept a person failing as a result of trying their hardest and exhausting all possible avenues BUT what drives me mad is when people accept failure…..defeat before even giving it a go. How crazy is that?

If you find yourself making a lot of excuses, rather than just getting on with your goals, be brutally honest with yourself by asking whether you are merely avoiding the “too hard” basket of tasks needing to be done? Which resulted in excuses after excuses. If this is the case, you are probably allowing self-doubt to creep in and take over your mindset. Or, you might need a good kick up the backside to get you back on track!

Take control of your confidence and kick self-doubt in the guts with some positive self-talk in order to stay on track. Reassurance is critical, along with surrounding yourself with positive and encouraging people such as a mentor. The main takeaway is that you need to do the WORK as excuses are for losers.

A fresh start

Sometimes all we need is a fresh start to reinvigorate our passions and bring us back to life.

This week saw me entering a new chapter which started with cleansing myself of all debt.  Sure there were some significant sacrifices to be made but I made a decision to stop living at the mercy of debt and focus on quality of life around me.  This decision, whilst pretty overwhelming, has brought a sense of freedom to make some clear choices towards my passions and my future.  The sense of empowerment I am feeling right now is remarkable and far outweighs any materialistic loss.

Decide today to make a fresh start and regain some control of your life.

Have a great week!



The difference between a dreamer and a believer

In a nut shell is a DECISION to ACT and follow through until your dream is realised. If you are feeling trapped by your circumstances and resolve there is no way out, think again as you are taking the easy road. You need to make a decision, decision is the ultimate power. Decide today and give yourself the fuel, the power to move in the direction of your dreams. You owe yourself the opportunity of exhausting every possible avenue, in every shape and form imaginable. When you are at your lowest point, at breaking point, do not quit, hang in there, you can do it!

Corporate Executives…loosing grip on reality, whilst their employees reach breaking point

Having survived another gruelling week in the corporate cluster and never ending demands (some with good merit and others just dwindling the shareholder returns)….led me to a pretty harsh…. not to mention heart breaking reality, as I spoke to colleagues from different divisions, states and countries, chasing work at the wrath of unrealistic Executives. The disturbing part was that tempers were flared, and any hope of politeness was overpowered by anger and resentment, as they belted out …..”I’m literally about to have a nervous breakdown”……”I’ve been working 18 hour days”…..”I can’t do this anymore”…..”I’m burnt out”……simply heart breaking.

Their despair made me question, why are these Corporate Executives doing this to their employees? The answer came pretty quickly….because they do not live in the real world. Think about it….they live on excessive salaries, at the shareholder’s expense, get chauffeured around, stay in 5 star hotels, fly first or business class, the list goes on. How could they possibly understand the realities of the middle to low class society, whose lives are becoming tougher and tougher as they struggle to put food on the table, pay the bills and god forbid spend any (forget quality) time with their children or families?

So who gave Corporate Executives the right to play Russian roulette with people’s lives? What is it going to take to realise that unless they put the brakes on, we are going to see more and more stress claims as a result of anxiety and depression. Why isn’t our government stepping in? After all it’s in their best interest for a happy and healthy workforce without excessive sick leave claims. What’s the point of legislation, safe work practices, etc. when Corporate Executives override the law with their own laws of ‘put up and shut up’…or there’s the door. Until the next sucker comes along, burns out, and the vicious cycle repeats itself over and over again.

It’s time for employees to put matters into their own hands, rather than rely on Corporate Executives and/or our governments to save us from breaking point. We need to step in and assert some boundaries. You can say no to your boss to working crazy hours and you can say I need to leave at a reasonable hour and by reasonable I mean by 5.00pm most days. Don’t allow yourself to be at the mercy of this selfish high class, whilst you bust your gut each and every day to attain this so called perfection, through unrealistic deadlines and scarce resources, all the while feeling like you are letting them down or even worse feeling like you are a failure as a result of their unrealistic expectations to begin with.

You need to boost your confidence. By boosting your confidence to speak up, you will be better placed to find a happy medium for both parties concerned. As for our Corporate Executives, whilst I can appreciate, and trust me, most of us are pretty clear on the fact that you need to make a profit to be viable, have mercy on your workforce by being clear, transparent and accountable for your actions/inactions. You need to stop abusing and burning out your employees as it is not sustainable to keep going at a 100 miles an hour….eventually the engine will give up! There must be a balance.

Rising above adversity and taking control of your life

Hello to all you beautiful people out there!  For those who might be wondering what on earth happened to me, well after a miserable reception by the job market, not to mention the negativity from a number of recruitment agencies, I decided to focus on completing my MBA degree which is now done and dusted!  I’d be lying if said there were no tears, screams or panic attacks but I’m back on track and ready to share my story of rising above adversity and being grateful to those who push us over the edge!

If someone said to me a year ago, Lil you will quit your job and become a full-time student, I would have told them, dream on! No chance.  My financial commitments meant quitting my job was out of the question.  I’m sure most of you can relate to this age old problem.

In late February this year that all changed with a single decision to take control of my destiny rather than allow someone else to do it for me.  I was well aware of the risks BUT there was no turning back as I faced my fears of losing the house, car all the things I had worked so hard for.

Whilst it wasn’t the easiest decision I ever made, it was the best decision by a long shot.  Today, I am grateful to my former boss for the conversation that took place back in February because it changed my life forever.  It truly opened my eyes to the fact that I had committed my future to an intimidating and controlling workplace which was sucking my will to live and for what?  A flippin pay cheque.

I keep asking myself, why do we do this to ourselves?  Why do we allow those in authority to bully and disrespect us? Why? Because of our preconditioned belief not to challenge or question authority and our culture teaches us to believe that we have limitations.  Well to hell with that!  I’m here to tell you that you do have a choice.  The one thing you can control is YOU.  Others will try to control you but ultimately you have a choice.  As Anthony Robbins puts it…’decision is the ultimate power’. 

To anyone out there reading my story, you must believe in yourself, don’t let others define you.  I know this can be really hard and I was challenged on a number of occasions during my job search.  People do their best to try and break your spirit but you must look beyond that and find the confidence to just stand your ground, know what you want and continue to want it.

During my job search I had the embarrassment of recruitment agencies telling me:

  • Your salary expectations are unrealistic – Why would I want to sell myself short.  I had a figure in mind and believed it was attainable. End of story, I wasn’t giving up!
  • You’ll never get a job outside your current skills – What happened to giving people a go?
  • We will require you to do a mock interview with us – WTF??  Someone with 18 years’ experience supporting Boards and Executives needs a mock interview?  Are you kidding me?

I lost count of the number of rejections which followed.  I redesigned my Resume so many times I cannot even remember only to eventually revert to its original format.  I attended a number of interviews with top tier firms whose CEO’s failed to align with my values of respect and fairness.  The ultimate blow was from a Director whose interview question included:

  • Have you heard of FIFO?  I said sure the mining industry use if for fly-in-fly-out.  He said no here we use this acronym as ‘fit in or f’off’.  I thought what hope in hell do I have if this was the level of professionalism coming from the top.

Whilst the road has been more than bumpy, through sheer persistence and determination I followed my heart at continued to believe that the right job would come along and that’s exactly what happened.  Two weeks after completing my MBA degree I received a phone call from a woman who inspired me with one of her speeches during an MBA class.  Little did I know that four months later she would offer me an opportunity of a lifetime! 

Stay true to you, expect the unexpected, dare to dream and live life to the fullest.  Miracles happen every day, all around us so don’t ever let anyone control or put limitations on your destiny. 

“Life is all about choices. Every day you choose your attitude. Your attitude is the most important thing you own.” – Unknown